February 24, 2006

Weekend Work

Normally I would complain about having to work on the weekend. Especially when all the work is typing up tax forms on an archaic electric typewriter, with a sticky 4 key. Would you like some cheese with that whine? But today is different, today My bossman laid a hundred dollar bill down on my desk. HELLO BONUS! He told me to "Split it with Matt for the weekend," because he doesn't like the idea that I have to work on Sunday. Y'all I knew my boss was cool, when he gave me $150.00 christmas bonus (and I wasn't even working for him) at Thanksgiving last Christmas. But he just earned himself the most generous guy I know award. And that's saying alot because I married Matt-the guy who let me demand that we not call it dating (when it soooo was), the guy that dealt with my on again, off again sex drive prior to our marriage (religious issues, don't ask), the guy who drove four hours round trip during the week to watch a movie with me during our not-dating phase. This is generousity of my boss. Last week he bought Matt's beer. What your boss doesn't go beer shopping with your husband? Must be a small town alocoholic thing.

Moving right along to the real news front... KNITTING!. I have cast on a small project to practice cable shaping. I'm using a yarn, which is probably 100% acrylic as I've had it since the second grade-when I learned to knit people. No, No, No. Not I do not knit people! Rather people, when I learned to knit! But it's okay. It's just for a friend's Chihuahua, Noel. So no pictures yet, because it's surprise. I'm almost done with it as it is so tiny. I love tiny clothes. They are so much faster than big people clothes. Plus, tiny clothes are cuter.

I've decided to try to keep several projects on the needles at once, so that I may switch between them when I get bored. Leaf is going slowly because it's about a gallizion stockette stitches. Let me show you.

*It's about the most monotonious thing you've ever seen, right? Now knit it for 22 inches. You will want to pull our hair out.*

The husband said he would wear a Weasley Sweater, with the appropriate letter "M" of course, to the next HP movie viewing if i made it for him. I am really considering buying this pack from New Lanark near Glasgow. Oh you don't know where Glasgow is either? Good, but they do have sheep. (After some some researching I have discovered it is in Scotland, which as they say is across the pond.) Yes I realize that the yarn I am considering buying is made of wool and we live in GEORGIA, but some on it would be authentic wool, just like in the movie. For Matt, it's only $30.00 for everything, including shipping. It's totally worth it. I've researched it. I can pay around $8.00+ a skien (ball) of yarn for something similiar. Buying the pack would be much more cost effective. I could use my BONUS MONEY on it!! Just think of all the yarn $100.00 tax free dollars would buy.

oh and a few shots of Maya's current sleeping selection, which furthers the agrument that the money should be spent on yarn and yarn accessories.

I dare you do defy the squinty eyes of doom. Knit me a kitty pie now! And make it too small for Nigel.

Maya has cheek bones most models would kill for, and about the same attitude that makes people want to kill most models.

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