November 14, 2005

the ebb and flow of time

okay so it's more like my life is going warp speed. I can't believe that one saturday i will be in costume at the theater seeing the fourth harry potter movie. i'm psyched! but moving on the more important things (part of me really dissagrees with the previous sentence.)

On my way to the Creative Memories open house on Saturday. I. Hit. A. Deer. It was very tramatic. And I don't think she died on impact. I was upset. I don't want her to suffer. I hope that she died from anoxia/blood loss, while still in shock, so that it didn't hurt. Explanation you ask for....

My mother and I scrapbook about 1 every 4 to 6 weeks and we are loyal supporters of Creative Memories, as those products are tested and guaranteed not to fade or damage your precious photographs. Think of the pink pictures your mother has of you as a baby. No that was not your mother's poor taste, or a product of the fashion period at the time. Those pictures have been damaged by the acid and/or lignin in the papers, pages or plastics surrounding the photo. Anyway, a Creative Memories open house is really the one time a year to stock up on scrapbooking supplies. My consultant gives ten percent off her supplies from 10am to 2pm once a year. (Read here: this minor deflation in price is a deal!) So up I get at 6:10, a whole hour earlier than I get up for work during the week, in order to make the two hour trek to my mother's house in order to ride with her to our consultant's house another 30 minutes away. So 7:30 rolls around, I have my scrapping gear packed up in the car, my overnight supplies, the Dog and her baby bag, filled with goodies to keep her entertained at her grandparent's house: treats, thinking toys, her favorite comforter, etc. Because Heaven forbid that I leave her at home with her Daddy on a weekend I know he will spend playing WoW and only remember to eat if reminded. Basically, my sports car is stuffed to the brim and overflowing with gear. "Why yes officer, that trailer has been properly attached to my spoiler."

The sun is begining to top the trees with a golden yellow warmth about 15 minutes into my drive. I'm getting excited, because I will be working on my wedding album and my mother will be pretty free with the cash flow, allowing me to pick up some not so necessary items. I'm cruising along at the speed limit, 55mph, because I haven't quite hit the mountain curves yet. I'm watching for idiot motorcylers and bicyclists (as an aside, why is it motorcyclers and bicyclists?), so actually I'm pretty aware of my surroundings. I know that the "extra" lane from the other side of the road, what just given to my so that now I have two lanes of traffic going my way and the opposite traffic has be reduced to only one lane on their side. I know that the, red car and silver SUV in front of me has about 1/2 mile of space between us. I know that there are no cars be hind me. BAM! The doe is about 30 feet in front of my car and I'm hitting the brakes. I don't remember the distance between trying stop and getting to the deer. I can't recall how the deer bounded infront of me or how she got almost out of the way. All I know is one moment she was in front of me and the next I'm hitting her. The right front head light exploded and peices are flying everywhere. Then she was gone.

The mechanic estimated the damage to the 'stang at about 2k. I believe I will report it to inusrance, because it is covered under comphrensive and won't raise my rate.

A friend gave me a good piece of advice. She says " I always slow down when I'm going through an area where I know there are deer." Great, I live in the North GA mountains and it's mating season. So tell me friend, should I just drive around town at 15 mph to avoid all the deer, bears and ground hogs?

And people wonder why I don't like to drive.


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Emma said...

argh. I hate these blog spammers. I am sorry to hear the stang got hurt. My first thought: Jen hit a deer because she was on the way to the wrong CM party. Then my second thought: Emma, that's not nice. Deers don't jump out because of scrapbooks. My third thought: I want $800 extra dollars. Can this guy just send me his money? I'm glad you and dog are okay. I hope you bought lots of stuff from non-me CM girl. I know your mom is loyal to her, so I was really only making the funny to, well, make the funny. Keep on cropping! Let me know when you want to have your party.