August 27, 2005

Scrapbooking Queen

I'll admit it. When one stays home on a Friday night to print out pictures, a very slow process indeed, instead of going out she may be addicted to scrapbooking. The even sadder part? I'm not satistifed with the quality so I'm researching online/developer printout possiblities. ha!

Warning Signs That You May Be Addicted to Scrapbooking
(with some modifications by Jen)
1. If you write to the friendly folks at Creative Memories to suggest a 2000 square foot tote transportable only by tractor trailer.
2. If you use 40 rolls of film to capture those special moments at home during a 24-hour period.
3. If you make sure that you take pictures in groups of 5, so that you know you'll have at least one page full.
4. If you make sure you take both horizontal and vertical pictures to give your page diversity.
5. If you take the same shot from to different angles to make sure you get the best layout possible.
6. If you force all 45 members of your extended family to sit on Santa's lap at the mall because it would be a great scrapbook page.
7. If you refuse to take your child to the emergency room without grabbing your camera first.
8. If you have tried to explain the benefits of skipping meals to save more money for scrapbook supplies.
9. If you carry one camera for black and white photos, one for panoramic, and one for color close-ups.
10. If you try to glue your child's tooth back into his mouth because you want a better "before and after" page.
11. If you refuse to take any more pictures, even at your daughter's wedding, because you need to catch up on the ones you have first.
12. If you are considering hiring professional writers to do your journaling.
13. If you pre-journal your checks to get the perfect phrase down.
14. If the only recipes you collect any more are crop snacks.
15. If you own 8 different tools that cut a perfect circle.
16. If your kids know the only way they can participate in anything is to agree to have Mom there taking pictures.
17. If your career aspirations include selling punchies and paper piecings on eBay.
18. If you save scraps of paper because you might still be able to get one more punch out of them.

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Emma said...

This is awesome! I hate to say it, but I usually only agree to go to parties that would look cute in my scrapbook. I plan events around my scrapbook page, knowing it would be cuter if we had the event at such n such. Is that so bad? I'm glad to hear you are a cropping queen. Me too!